Moving to Talkshoe

February 24, 2010

I am moving the podcast to Talkshoe, podbean is to limiting. Find the shows new home at


No show due to weekend schedule.

February 9, 2010

I have been driving and away from home so often lately, that I have not been able to get a show recorded. I will be fixing this shortly, and hope to have The Cellular Guru from on the next episode.


Touchscreen Vs Keyboard w/ Michael from The Smartphone Factory

January 13, 2010

Please excuse the audio quality, it was recorded via google voice while I was driving.

A good discusion about the pros and cons of touchscreens and keyboards. The outcome may suprise you.

Many thanks to Mike, co-founder of for joining me on the show. You rock dude!

Special thanks to our Executive Producer, Timothy Neal.


Episode 2: How to choose a Smartphone.

December 30, 2009

Sorry the show was posted so late, finding internet on the road can be tricky.

Guide to buying a smartphone.


Schedule change.

December 1, 2009

Due to starting a new job with a over the road trucking company, I have to change the schedule from once a week to once every two weeks.

Apologies to those who have already subscribed, and thanks to everyone for your support.

Episode Zero, test

November 19, 2009

Testing the setup to see if the audio is good. Sneak peek of Episode 1. Comments can be emailed to ADPerdue2002(at), please include ATM somewhere in the subject, or left on the blog at All comments welcome.


ATM now listed in the Itunes store.

November 14, 2009

I just got the conformation that ATM was approved in the Itunes store. It should show up in the next few days.


November 7, 2009

A great intro produced by deepdishclassics on RadioDaddy.


Show outro

November 7, 2009

Just got a wonderful read from Matt Davis on RadioDaddy.